The first weeks programme

Pat and the owl puppet

The first weeks Programme

Participatory Artist

Annette Waterfield

Liaising with the instigator -Manager Alison Pearce,  Manager Sheena Pearce, and Alan Pearce the Owner.

Liaising with Pat Haney Carer and Activity Programme Coordinator and the staff team.

Working with the residents and staff at Beech Court Care Home – using Puppets to instigate “Now Moments” of communication which may be verbal or nonverbal and result in emotional responses.



Morning, First Session


Photos of each resident with their names.

Creating “Now Moments” using Puppet – Pets

Afternoon, Second Session

Working with care staff

Sing -a -long
Using the Choir Master – puppet.



Morning, Third Session

Creating “Now Moments”

Using Meg and Dave Puppets

Collecting ‘Life Stories’

Afternoon, Fourth Session

Sensory taste and smell

Puppets to join in too!



Morning, Fifth Session

Creating “Now Moments”

Using Rod puppet  – Girl

Afternoon, Sixth Session

Creative crafts

Spring theme

Making ‘individual’ puppets of each resident.

To use the table top puppet theatre



Morning, Seventh Session

Creating “Now Moments”

Dancing Bird Puppets

Afternoon, Eighth Session

Red Nose Day

Birthday Party

Sing a long

“Pennies from Heaven”


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