Sing a long with Ken

Celebration of the ‘Puppet in our Care Home’ with Participatory Artist Annette Waterfield, with invitations to families, staff, residents and friends.

During the afternoon of the celebration party we enjoyed a karaoke sing-a-long with Ken the Conductor, and generated many ‘Now Moments’.

Followed by Annette sharing the Life Stories of two of our residents and presenting the home with the two puppets to enjoy for ever.

Annette extended her thanks to all the staff and residents at Beech Court who took part in this art project making it a success worth celebrating.  We all agreed it was enjoyable and fun experience for everyone involved.

The Pearce family; including Alan, Alison, Sheena and their beautiful children all came and added to the thanks and celebrations.

Grateful thanks to Nottinghamshire County Council for the Arts Grant that made it possible.

Credits to Karrie Marshall for inspiring Annette, through her ‘Creativity in Care’ course and her book ‘Puppetry in Dementia Care’.

Viewing photos

Viewing the many photographs.

Puppet introductions

Puppet introductions.

Now Moment

Now Moment of joyful fun.

Lets pretend

Lets pretend! yuk kiss!

she likes me.

She likes me!

My Life Story

A little chair allows for eye contact to take place and a ‘Now Moment’ is generated.

its great to talk

Its great to talk and sing together.

I am the conductor

Ken the Conductor


A special guest.


Sensory exploring.





celebration cake

Celebration Cake

Life Story Puppets

Life Story Puppets

The two Life Story Puppets




Handing over.

handing over his puppet.

With her puppet.








The handing over of her puppet.

Life Story Puppets


The Life Story Puppets made and dressed by Annette for Beech Court Care Home in Selston Nottinghamshire.

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